Gabon lockdown after riots

An uneasy calm has settled across Gabon’s capital Libreville following riots after presidential election results declared Ali Bongo the winner.

The poll was sparked by the death of Ali’s father, Omar, who ruled Gabon for 41 years.

Furious opposition parties claimed the poll was rigged which led to clashes with security forces. Gabon had to impose a night time curfew in its second city Port Gentil

But the President-elect’s supporters deny all claims of fraud and Ali Bongo himself is confident the Constitutional Court will validate the results.

He said: “The competition is now over. There are possibilities to appeal. Those who want to do so have to go to the proper authorities.”

The general situation is calmer today across Gabon after yesterday’s upsurge in violence.

The opposition are appalled that the Bongo family is maintaining its iron grip on the country. Most of Gabon’s citizens are desperately poor despite the country’s oil wealth.


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