Aljazeera English Reporter Under Fire LIVE!

Jacky Rowland, Aljazeera English's Jerusalem Correspondent

Jacky Rowland, Aljazeera English's Jerusalem Correspondent

Israeli soldiers have fired tear gas on Palestinians protesting against the Israeli separation barrier which cuts through their West Bank village.

The soldiers also fired tear gas at Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera English’s Jerusalem correspondent who was covering the event live from near the village of Bi’lin.

Here Is the Video of the Report When She Was Live on the Air with Jane Dutton who was presenting from Doha.

The Screenshots were taken by Me While i Was Watching Aljazeera English On


3 thoughts on “Aljazeera English Reporter Under Fire LIVE!

  1. I just admire J.Rowlands reporting and more especially her superb analysis of events happening in her region.Her analysis of Presidents Obama’s and US governments sudden policy shift on resumption of talks between Israel and Palestine was hillarious to say the least..captured it right down….”restraint versus illegitimate”. Equally appeasing was her analysis on Prime minister Netanyahu’s speech to the GA. Thumbs up for you Jacky are my news reporter of the week!

  2. The worest inexperienced reporter I have ever seen is this lady Jane Dutton. I had so much respect for Al Jazeera, but with this Jane Dutton they have got it wrong. She seems to have an agenda in her reporting and questioning. Alas, the only relaible media is going to the drain because of a reporter like Jane Dutton.

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