Bomber freed for oil, UK government letters raise suspicions

The rapturous reception in Tripoli for Lockerbie bomber Adel Basset al-Megrahi sparked outrage and was condemed by the US Government.

Questions over the release of the man who was convicted for the deaths of 270 people when the Pan Am jet was downed have been raised again alleging his freedom was linked to a commercial deal.

Letters leaked to the Sunday Times showed how the Government had a change of policy on a prisoner transfer agreement with Colonel Gadaffi.

Two letters were sent by Justice Minister, Jack Straw and are dated five months apart. They show a change of heart over the policy of prisoner transfer with the minister abandoning plans to exclude Magrahi from that agreement.

The decision came as a multi billion euro deal between Libya and BP was being negotiated. The contract for oil exploration had stalled but within six weeks of the government climbdown Libya ratified the deal with BP.

The British Government has sought to distance itself from the decison to release al-Megrahi. These revelations once again raise questions about its involvement.


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