‘Thriller’ breaks records on Jacko’s birthday

Despite his death, Michael Jackson’s music continues to break records and inspire fans around the world. On what would have been the star’s 51st birthday, Mexico City staged the biggest-ever performance of the 1982 smash hit “Thriller”.
As many as 12,937 dancers performed together, crushing the previous record of just 242 Jacko-alikes, set in America last April.

The King of Pop’s birthday was celebrated around the world, with London among the many capitals showing Jackson’s music lives on.

In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, the same notes rang out as two and a half thousand Parisian fans celebrated Jackson’s life. There was also a minute’s silence in memory of a man who revolutionised music and dance.

All corners of Planet Pop took part in what is probably the biggest birthday celebration in music history. Russian fans joined in, turning Moscow into an impromptu stage. Jackson’s death has been ruled homicide, and Los Angeles police are considering whether to send the case to court. Jackson died on June 25th, and will be buried later this week.


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