Guidance Counselor Accused of Fixing Grades

A guidance counselor at Fort Lee High School has been charged with altering the academic records of several students, WPIX has learned.

In March, district officials revealed that grades for at least six high school seniors had been changed on their transcripts without their knowledge. The tampering had reportedly gone on for at least six years.

The state Department of Education, which completed a probe into the case, concluded that guidance counselor Judith Meller altered the grades or had someone else do it.

The school’s superintendent received a letter from the agency Tuesday, explaining the conclusions of the investigation.

“The completed investigation confirmed that the school’s official academic records at all times accurately reflected student grades,” the letter said. But “the investigation also confirmed that a high school guidance counselor, after being directed not to modify college admission records, did alter or direct others to do so,” the letter said.

District officials mailed letters to colleges and universities, after more than 300 outraged parents and teacher met at a board meeting.

The school’s Principal, Jay Berman, was suspended after the grade-tampering was revealed, although he has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Meller, who was arrested July1, has been charged with falsifying or tampering with records in July.


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