French find more ETA arms

Another cache of buried weapons linked to the Basque separatist group ETA is dug up by French police. Thirteen such discoveries have been made in the space of a week, mostly in secluded rural areas in southern France — explosives, detonators, ready-to-use bombs, firearms and ammunition.

The latest blow to ETA’s supply network came as the French and Spanish interior ministers met in Paris to consolidate cross-border police cooperation.

Alfredo Pérez Rubalca said: “The determination of France and Spain against ETA is total. ETA can change its methods, hide, find new hoards, go south or north but we can guarantee you that we will find them, and will put an end to their operations.”

Pérez Rubalca said he was also addressing the terrorists and anyone wanting to become one.

The unearthing of the deadly material follows the breakthrough arrests in the French Alps of three men described by Spanish officials as leaders of an ETAlogistics cell.

More than 800 murders have been attributed to the outlawed group in ETA’s decades-long fight for an independent Basque homeland in parts of northern Spain and southwestern France.


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