Livery Cab Driver Shot, Killed In Bronx Over $2 Cab Fare

A livery cab driver is dead after his passenger shot him late Sunday evening in the Bronx.

Police say Jose Pena-Seguira, 42, was shot once in the head and crashed his cab into several parked cars in front of 455 Wales Avenue at about 10:20pm.

An eyewitness, who was questioned by police, told PIX News the shooting was caused by a dispute over $2.00 difference of cab fare. The eyewitness also said after the male suspect shot the driver, he reached over and stole money from the bleeding victim before he fled the scene.

In fact, police say a 31-year-old Hispanic male fled the vehicle and was soon apprehended inside of St. Mary’s Park, just two blocks away from the shooting.

Pena-Seguira was transported to nearby Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, where he was pronounced dead at 11pm.

Crime scene investigators were still at the scene Monday morning and have recovered a .25 caliber handgun and at least one bullet casing.

The victim lived in an apartment building at 1368 Webster Avenue in the Bronx, about 2.5 miles away from where he was shot. His towncar was registered with KISS Car Service in the Bronx. Pena-Seguira was a father of three children, including 8-year-old fraternal twin girls.

“He’s fun, he’s creative. He really likes working a lot,” Desiree Pena-Seguira, one of the victim’s twin girls, told PIX News. Their mother, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who does not speak English, asked her daughters to speak to PIX exclusively about their father’s character.

“He actually helps sometimes washing dishes while my mom is at work,” Desiree continued, “He takes us [my siblings and I] to Chuck E. Cheese’s to have fun sometimes.”

One week ago on August 17, another livery cab driver was shot behind the wheel in the Bronx. Amadou Ndaiye, 46, driving through Baychester when he was shot in the chest by his passenger in an attempted robbery. No one has been arrested in the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing and police are exploring whether Monday’s shooting and the August 17 shooting are related. In both cases, a man was seen fleeing the livery cab.


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