While couple says, ‘I do,’ thieves steal them blind


A couple trying to survive in a tough economy lost most of their belongings – including the food from the refrigerator and towels from the linen closet – when thieves struck on their wedding day.

Julie Corp said she and her fiance took a day off from work and interminable job searches to get married, in a simple ceremony funded by their families.

The ceremony also joined their kids from previous marriages – his two, her three – in a new family.

“It was the happiest day of my life – my husband looked absolutely perfect,” Julie says.

But while they were exchanging vows, someone was ransacking their home in Renton – making sure the celebration didn’t last long.

Julie and her new husband stopped by their 1,000-square-foot apartment before a planned week away on a honeymoon – and that’s when they made the grim discovery.

“Everything was open,” Julie says.

Toilet paper was taken off the roller. Food, pots, pans and dishes were gone from the cupboards. Ice cream was taken from the freezer.

All of their video games were missing. The kids’ toys were gone. Autographed sports memorabilia was stripped from the walls.

“I just couldn’t believe that something like that would happen on your wedding night,” Julie says. “That was hard … that was hard.”

“They took a whole piggy bank of our money and all our blankets all the clothes in our closet,” says one of their sons, Gabe. “We looked in the closet. Nothing was there.”

Julie lost her job as a waitress three months ago. Her husband is a mechanic.

They had to cancel the deal of a honeymoon they found to the Virgin Islands – that’s where Julie was going to release her grandmother’s ashes – until the urn disappeared.

“It was my honeymoon, and she couldn’t be there for the wedding,” Julie says of her grandma. “Just little things like that – things you can’t get back no matter what.”

Making ends meet was already a challenge, and now the couple is left with nearly nothing.

“I try to think positive about it – like maybe those people needed it more than us. But it’s hard when you have five kids, and you think someone would take stuff,” says Julie. “How could they need it more than us?”

The friends and family who just helped put on the coulpe’s small wedding are now trying to help with food and clothing for the five kids.

Four days as a married couple – and they are going door to door here at the Emerald Heights apartment complex asking every neighbor if they know or saw anything that day.

A donation center has been set up for neighbors and others to donate money or goods to the family:

Emerald Heights Apartment Complex
(877) 566-6455
12000 SE Petrovitsky
Renton, WA 98058


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