6 Fired For Fixing Parking Tickets For Friends And Family

Nassau County officials fired six employees at the Traffic and Parking Violations Agency – including the agency’s assistant director – after a probe launched by authorities found them fixing more than 100 tickets for themselves, friends and family members.

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, speaking at a news conference Tuesday, said the employees scam cost the county $25,000 in lost revenue.

The workers allegedly had access to the agency’s computer system, where in most cases, they would dismiss the charges, eliminate fines and surcharges and change the dates for court proceedings. In one case, an employee reportedly instituted a refund for someone who had already paid in a timely fashion.

District Attorney Kathleen Rice said her office will now launch an investigation into the cases in order to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute the employees for the crimes.

The probe, which was launched in March, has changed company policy. Suozzi said employees will now have electronic “footprints” on their work so supervisors can trace who dismissed a ticket and why. In addition, supervisors will review all dismissals weekly, and check names on dismissals against family members of employees.


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