Destitute NYC Holocaust Survivor Leaves Behind $100,000 Gift

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has received a surprise donation of more than $100,000 from an unexpected benefactor–a homeless Holocaust survivor.

The Jewish woman died two years ago at the age of 92 and was since then living on the streets of New York City. The woman was living out of a shopping cart in Manhattan and had no known relatives, according to Yefet Ozery, Hebrew University’s director of development and public relations.

The woman willed the monetary gift to the university upon her death Remarked Ozery, “She lived as a very poor woman. And when she died at the age of 92, it was discovered she had accumulated close to $300,000.”

It is unknown as to how she acquired the fortune. Not much is known about the woman, although we are aware that she had no ties to the university. She left the other half of her savings to various causes and beneficiaries.

The university first learned about the gift three months ago but did not receive the money until this week. It will be used to fund scholarships for medical research students, according to the woman’s wishes, Ozery said.

“No one knows where she got it from,” said Ozery. “But she probably lived penny to penny. She probably saved it to do good for the world and for the Jewish people.”

Ozery and the university declined to disclose the benefactor’s name.


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