”Red Oil”,The Soap Opera that Is Venezuela’s Oil

The Show ''RED OIL'' the ''Witness'' Special from Aljazeera English

The Show ''RED OIL'' the ''Witness'' Special from Aljazeera English

A unique and insightful film which follows the ups and downs of life in Venezuela’s State Oil company as president Hugo Chavez has taken control, with the aim of using its profits to further socialistic goals.

The ideological battle spills out onto the street and turns into a physical battle for control of the oil revenues of a country sitting on the largest reservoir of heavy crude in the entire world.

I Was Watching This Special on Aljazeera English Yesterday  And  Today  (The Screenshots were taken today) And It Shows How The Oil Company PDVSA became from Where it was prior to Chavez to Now Socialist Oil.

The Show Painted A Picture of How ”Red oil”(Based on Hugo Chavez’s Favorite color) Came to Be A Showed  A Variety of Situations That Made PDVSA Today.

From When Chavez  First Came to Power In The Late 1990’s to the 2002 Coup d’tat That temporarily  Overthrew him And the Sacking  Of 18,000 Employees After having An Unsuccessful Strike.

This Show had A ”Cast” Of Characters Involved In The Show. They Are :

  1. the ex boss
  2. the oil diva
  3. the renegade
  4. uncle Hugo
  5. the rich
  6. the poor

Here is Some Screenshots from the Show and captions that explains them:

Pictures Were Taken From Aljazeera English Via Livestation.

Apologies For The Quality And The Flash.


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