Asnycnow15 On Twitter : One Year Old September 24th

Asnycnow15 English
In September 2009, It Will Be exactly One Year Since I Itroduced Myself to Twitter.

Now I Have 6 Twitter Pages ( Including My Own Personal Twitter)

Today The Twitter is Known As ‘Asnycnow15 English’ Since I Type Tweets in 5 Lanugages.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Persian(Farsi)–This One Is Updated On The Same Day As Arabic

Since then, I was Able to Update English And French and Leave Spanish Alone for an hour Before Updating it.

And Who Knew That Months After Asnycnow15News is Established I Start 2 More Twitter News services In French (@Asnycnow15Fr) And Spanish (@Asnycnow15Spn) The Two Were Launched On New Year’s Day 2009 At 12.01.01 Am.

In February(5th) I Launched An Arabic Language Twitter (@Asnycnow15Ar) And During The Iran Elections I Created A Persian Language Service In June (Although It May Be Sacrificed For A Japanese Language Service @Asnycnow15Jpn, Its Yet to Be Okayed).

Now I Dont Know How to Celebrate Since Asnycnow15News Has Yet To Have The Same Reputation As BNO News (@BreakingNews, Run by Michael van Poppel).

Even Though Asnycnow15News Has Broken Some Stories On Twitter Its Overshadowed When There is More to The Story Than 140 Characters( I Also Get  Certain Stories While I’m In School or at  Work)Which Is why I Prefer to Break The News On YouTube(YouTube Channel Asnycnow15)

However I Will Acknoledge The Aniversary On All Twitter Pages I Have And All The Newsblogs I have on Blogger.

Any Questions? Tweet Me @Asnyc


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